The Project

Koç Holding hosts an youth festival KoçFest every year. KoçFest travels between universities across Turkey to reach talented students. Holding’s companies host stands in the festival. They also commission installations to attract students to hire. Mucize Lezzetler (Miracle Flavors) is a popular cooking show on TV. Since kitchen electronics manufacturer Arçelik was the sponsor of the show, they decided to use the show as promotional material. As a result, the company commissioned this memory game for their stand.

I have programmed the game as a contractor from Yeti Interactive. Our client was Work&Work, an digital event agency who came up with the idea. Game puts two players in a test of speed and memory. A recipe flashes on the screen for players to remember. Afterwards players would search for ingredients and put them onto table in order. Player that can finish the recipe faster wins.

We used TUIO API to integrate multi-touch screen for Flash. The screen consisted of a projector 2 infrared cameras and an infrared led array. The cameras would recognize reflection of infrared light on fingers and fiducial trackers.

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