The Mobile App Project

Guess About Me was a social app and mobile quiz game for iOs. The app was also released under İnsan Sarrafı as Turkish localization. We have worked on this project as an in-house project at Yeti Interactive. Application created a 7 question short quiz about users’ interests. Afterwards users could see other people’s quizzes. Users try to guess eachothers’ interests based on pictures they provide. Finally, if a player guesses all questions right, the application enables chatting with that person. I have worked on social integration and overall monetization model of the app.

We initially released the app in UK for testing under the name “Guess About Me”. After a month of testing we have validated the monetization model. However high advertisement costs was impeding the project’s progress. As a result, we decided to focus our attention to local market and localized the app for Turkey. Localized version had a wise uncle avatar to highlight the new name “İnsan Sarrafı” (“appraiser of people” in Turkish). Consequently this re-release was successful in Turkey with application reaching top 5 in app store.


We submitted the project to E-Tohum startup accelerator. E-tohum selected this project as one of the 15 most successful startups of 2015. Promotional site features me in a goofy smile in group photo. We have went through seed investment process. Due to concerns that receiving investment would cripple the agencies freedom in creating new products, we decided to not pursue the project further.


Project is currently abandoned.

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