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Blog, Life 02/10/2016

Settling into Malta

It’s been a week & half since I came to the Malta. As I said in my previous post, I decided…

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Red Beer Cooler for Sous Vide cooking
Blog, Life 08/09/2016

Erasmus Resolutions

I am attending University of Malta for a semester this fall as part of Erasmus program. This is a bit off…

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Fungus Game: Sound & Music Setup

Fungus is a great tool, so great that its users sometimes even forget they are building on a complete game engine…

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Fungus Game: Input Dialog & Writing Custom Commands

I was hanging out in the Fungus forums and stumbled into the question regarding how to receive input from players in…

Fungus Game: Loading Characters Dynamically

I have recently started working on a homebrew game project. The project will be a RPG with lots of in-game events…

FlatStates: Atoms of Logical Expressions – Part 2

In previous part, we talked about unification algorithm and using logic statements as game states. However before we move on to…

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FlatStates: Game State As Logic Statements – Part 1

A lot of people have seen logic statements like p→q in high school. Most would consider these tidbits of knowledge useless in real…

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Understanding Artificial Intelligence In Games

AI vs Game AI Artificial Intelligence is a broad field on its own. As you start to work on an AI…

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