Hello there fellow human,

I am Sercan Altun: video game developer, coding aficionado & part-time weirdo.

If you are here for checking out my work head over to portfolio. You might find something that interests you.

Kindred spirits may find game development related posts under the section radically named “blog“.

If you want to reach me hit me up on Facebook. You can checkout my Github for most of the stuff I share in the blog.

Things I do

tf2-hatsIn my early career I have worked in small startups where employees wear multiple hats. My hats were always software developer/game designer. Hence I gained most of my design experience using simple but elegant teaching technique called “throw into the water they will learn to swim”.

Later on I have decided to solidify that experience through by receiving formal MA degree in Game Design at Bahçesehir University. I am currently in my thesis year, working on artificial intelligence generated interactive narratives with racist dwarfs and elven soap opera. Riveting stuff.

young-sercan-altunI started programming as a snobby high school brat thinking he could do better than games he is playing. That little brat failed miserably but learned greatly. Even though I haven’t picked Computer Science as a major my software interest did not dwindle. As a result I found myself working in the industry.

I have worked on various technologies and products; websites, backend services, mobile apps & games, virtual reality, motion-sensor games etc. But right now I am solely focused on making video games, diligently serving PC master race.

ai-brainDo androids dream of electric sheep? I dunno. But I know they can find shortest path to an item pickup and I can make them do just that. I am working on video game AI: Making androids run, hide, fight & die for your entertainment. I can also make them count sheep if that is kind of thing gets you going.

My main focus is on graph search algorithms but I dabble in other dark arts of AI as well. I am currently working on procedural generation of in-game narratives via artificial intelligence as my thesis. Attempting to piss off a lot of professors in the process by challenging the norm.

community-manager-superman“Oh no look at that! It’s a 40+ post long full on internet shitstorm. This look like a job for… me!!” 

With a masochistic urge to get involved in online communities, I have been one of the managers of local game developer community GDT for last 5 years. I am notoriously known to swoop into discussions with unifying PC attitude and health dose of hammer to the head.


I organize/host workshops & game jams! I have been hosting physical game prototyping, board game and Unity workshops for 2 years. As for game jams I both organized and attended online/offline game jams for 5 years.

Totally scientific skill bars

  • Scriptz 70%

  • Cooking 30%

  • Beerbelly 50%

  • Dark Arts (Waiting for certification) 90%

  • Sense of Humor (British) 30%

What is the point of these things? Why every theme has this shit on? 90% Programming? Relative to what!!

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